To report to Sentry you’ll need to use a language-specific SDK. The Sentry team builds and maintains these for most popular languages, but there’s also a large ecosystem supported by the community.

If your use-case is very specific, or not covered by Sentry, you'll find documentation on how to report events on your own using our SDK API.

It is bad practice to use Sentry SDKs in third-party plugins, packages, and libraries (such as payment SDKs or embeddable widgets) meant to be consumed by other apps. If an app uses a Sentry SDK, as well as a third-party package with its own Sentry SDK installed, then the following issues can occur:

  • Version conflicts.
  • Signal handlers may overwrite each other, leading to one of the Sentry SDKs operating incorrectly.
  • Third-party SDKs and libraries may leak users' PII data to the third-party's Sentry organization.

These SDKs are maintained and supported by the Sentry community. While generally our community does a great job at responding to issues, it's important to understand that Sentry staff cannot help you with issues using a community-supported SDK.

Your favorite language or framework still cannot be found? Then we encourage you to consider writing your own SDK.

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